A special thank you for the following Radio Stations, Podcasters and DJ’s that have been playing tracks of The Thought Criminals – Dirty Electro EP. Also a thank you to all of you who have bought the Digital EP, Digipack CD EP, 12″ EP. We have listed some of the Stations and DJs who have recently played our music below. More links will be added soon.

Radio Stations, DJ’s, Podcasters, Syndicated Radio Shows

Strawberry Tongue Radio  (USA)
Artefaktor Radio (Mexico)
Blood Lit Radio (Canada)
Night Breed Radio / Dark Sanctuary Show (UK)
Digital Gunfire (USA)
WZBC 90.3FM / Industrial Nation (USA)
Music World Radio / Dog and Crow Show (UK)
The Independent Radio Show (Ireland)
Mike Slifkin’s Punk, Synth And Alternative Podcast (UK)
DJDaveo (UK)
Sheppy FM Blue Town Electronica Show (UK)
Croydon Radio (UK)
Empty Chaos Show (USA)
DJ Terminates Here (UK)
The Thin Wall Radio (UK)
RFTK Radio (UK)
Dekadance Radio (UK)
Radio Heatwave (UK)
Krystal Radio (UK)
Bumps-Radio (UK)
XRP Radio (UK)
Sword Radio (UK)
PRX Radio (USA)
The Rhythmic Lounge (USA)
Sound Machine Radio (USA)
K-Rocks Radio (USA)
Jersey Shore KEWL (USA)
Stitcher Radio (USA)
Butterflies Radio (USA)
Boston Internet Radio (USA)
Indie104 – iRadio LA (USA)
IRN Radio Network (USA)
The Starliners Radio Network (Netherlands)
United Sounds Network (Netherlands)
Dapper FM (UK)
Radio Arcadia (Canada)
Radio Relaxo (Canada)

The Dirty Electro EP is out Today ! Happy Halloween from the Electronic Nightmares !

Many things go Bump in the Night including Politicians, Judges and Creeps as its Halloween, but this is Electro made by some Living Nightmares. The Dirty Electro EP is out at last. I know its been a long wait for some and us!. The Dirty Electro EP you can find on the following Digital Networks World Wide.

7 Digital
Google Play

To Buy the LTD Blue 12″ Vinyl & CD EP please Visit You also get a Free Digital Download with either Format Purchased.




Beyond Room 101

We have not released a Single/EP for a while.  So in the last two weeks us degenerates “The Thought Criminals” have been busy sending Promo copies of the Dirty Electro EP ( CDs, WAV Files & MP3s, Zips and Press kits ) to Radio Stations, Blogs & DJ’s. We have also been designing a new T-Shirt and trying to sort out the Promo Video which needs editing. Then we have been busy plugging the Dirty Electro EP across the Globe .  We’re already picking up Radio Play on Croydon Radio in Surrey,UK & KCR College Radio in San Diego US. Also we are being featured on some Major Pod-cast’s in the next few weeks. We did previously get one  No.14 College Radio Hit in Canada with “I Wanna Be A Celebrity“.

Below is the Dirty Electro EP our first Official Vinyl and Digipack release.!
Ltd Edition Blue 12″ Vinyl 4 Track EP
CD Digipack




Pre Order The Dirty Electro EP from WTII Records

Start your Halloween the correct way, Pre Order The Dirty Electro EP now on Viynl & CD from WTII Records, and receive a free Digital Download. Release Date: 31st October 2016 “This release is more fun than a Vibrator !”
Click here to pre order the 4 Track Ltd Blue Viynl 12″ EP
Click here to pre order the 5 Track CD EP Digipack

This release is the The Thought Criminals strongest to date. With the Anthemic lead track Dirty Electro, The Club friendly Watching You, and the classic old school Industrial song Depression. The EP clearly shows off The Thought Criminals Musical Influences: Gary Numan, New Order, The Prodigy, Front 242, John Foxx, Covenant, Cabaret Voltaire. The track Into The Lebanon is classic leftfield and the bonus CD Track Eat Me On The Dancefloor gives you a taste to expect to come next year in 2017 on The Thought Criminals – You’re A Moral Liability ! Album.

The Thought Criminals - Dirty Electro EP
The Thought Criminals – Dirty Electro EP

So the fun begins !

It’s been a little while since us Thought Criminals released our last Single. So look forward to releasing Dirty Electro EP on Monday 31st October 2016. We have pretty much recorded a full Album, but are currently adding more production to some of the tracks. So lots going on in Room 101. The Dirty Electro LTD 12″ Blue Transparent Vinyl’s been shipped to the US, Promo CD’s & MP3’s are going out . We’ve spoken to a Video Director to get a Promo Video done to Dirty Electro in a Hurry.  We’re still in that place musically where we can’t Pigeon Hole ourselves ! We have always found it easier to get Radio Play in the US & Canada than the UK. We will be bombarding all those lovely Stations and DJ’s who have played us in the past next week. On other notes we will be getting round to adding a Compilation section to our Discography

P.S If you are A DJ / Radio Station or Mixcloud Show Host and would love a Promo please contact us here !  




The Dirty Electro EP is being released on iTunes and all main digital stores and on CD Digipack / Ltd 12″ Blue Viynl.
WTII Records will be releasing the Dirty Electro EP on Monday 31st  October 2016. Pre-Order on iTunes now: (Not on Pre-Order in USA, Canada)

the thought criminals
the thought criminals