Entry 20:

Forget the pills, man. I've discovered a new way of tripping out which requires no brain-altering drugs whatsoever. The place was beginning to stink too much (even for me), so Skink says I should buy some incense. Well I went downtown and bought some incense sticks, made of dung, apparently. Lit one up and the first thing you notice apart from the powerful odour of strange indian spices, is the smoke. It pervades the air in a strange whirling manner, moving and changing shape at the slightest disturbance.

Once you "tune in" to the patterns and swirls, you become all-powerful Lord of the incense! With the power to change it's spiralling course at the mere movement of your finger. Well, I burned the whole damn packet, and it was a big packet. The place now stinks of strange indian dungy spices, and my eyes water something chronic. There must be a pill for that around here somewhere?


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