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"The Manitou," is a not-so-elusive creature who uses mankind's greatest invention - the computer - to create music, write humorous stories, and... bring you quality *cough* entertainment. Here's what you'll find here:

Music The Manitou's electronic music, with artwork, sound clips, and info on the tools used to create it.
Fiction Short stories and fiction of a silly nature.
Weird Stuff An expanding collection of weird photos taken by The Manitou and visitors to the Lair.
Crazy Guy's Diary The exploits of a fellow who isn't quite all there.
Bio So who is this "Manitou" person anyway?
Links A wide selection of Manitou Approved links, affiliates, and cool places to visit.

The Manitou @ electromancer.com Download free music by The Manitou here.
Dark Alien Light The Manitou's Gary Numan Fan Site
Sacrifice The Sacrifice Group - a Gary Numan forum - I'm a moderator here.
Fan Base Alpha Fan Base Alpha - the cult entertainment forum - I run this with a couple of friends. As well as discussing everything cultish (TV/music/movies) we also post short stories.

The Manitou's Diary
October 27, 2004

It's been a while since the last update, partly due to some medical problems (nothing serious), and being a tad busy.

This update there are no less than 53(!) new weirdshots in the Weird Stuff section. A whole backlog from the last few months, plus new ones taken as recently as yesterday. I've bought a new camera (Kodak DX6490) which is brilliant, and hope to start up a new section on the site for my photography when time allows.

A new silly short is online in the Fiction section, a whimsical tale called: The Man Who Craved Adventure. Incidentally, if you fancy joining my new forum "Fan Base Alpha," you'll have the chance of reading new Silly Shorts as they happen. I have a backlog that haven't been posted here yet, and I upload them to FBA as soon as they're finished.

I recently completed work on Draft 5 of my novel "Space, Time, And Teacakes," and will get some excerpts online shortly.

The Music section is shockingly out-of-date. I've written a couple of new songs for Circuit Zero which I'll be posting clips of. They'll probably be going on the Robot Music vol. 2 e.p. until I can finish them off for the album.


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