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The Clockwork Man
Freaked Out Kitty
Circuit Zero

May 24, 2004

A little history: in 2002 my main focus was a Eurodance-style project called "Human Factor." At the end of the year I put a handful of the songs on an e.p. called Darkdance. The following year saw me doing more laid back music which mixed modern and retro electronic styles. Rather than put these new songs on Human Factor, I decided to put them on a separate album called Circuit Zero.

At the end of 2003 I made an 8 song e.p. called "Robot Music" and passed it among my friends. The feedback was encouraging and has helped shape the project as it stands now. Several of the songs intended for Circuit Zero are being dropped, in favour of tightening the theme and style of the album. It's now more of a coherent whole instead of a collection of miss-matched experiments.

Here's the proposed track-listing, with notes on the status and theme of each song:

Song Status Notes
Mystery From Space (Part 1) Mixing stage The opener is a J-M Jarre style instrumental, replete with synthesized wind sounds and spacey vocoder.
Servo Robot Mixing stage Continuing the space theme, a dark tale about a spaceship's service robot which kills off the crew.
The Clockwork Man Mixing stage An entropy-laden tale about the discovery of a Clockwork Man in the woods, run down and abandoned after the death of his creator.
Freaked Out Kitty Mixing stage The song that defined my change in direction, about a lust-stricken computer.
Circuit Zero Demo A song about a sentient ship drifting through space which is discovered by humans and shows them its experiences.
Forsaken Woods Advanced demo Brimming with strange sounds and dark synths, a song about haunted woods which lure unsuspecting travellers, never to let them out.
Traveller In Time And Space Mixing stage A fast-paced instrumental with powerful synths and emotive piano.
Automaton Early demo A cross between detroit techno-funk and Kraftwerk, with lyrics about the dangers of blind faith.
Enchantment Demo A dreamy song about a young nobleman who sees a vision of a maiden and follows it to a strange castle...
Machine Love Mixing, overdubs A song from the Darkdance e.p. updated and remixed. This is about the seduction of a virtual-woman, a kind of modern take on Kraftwerk's idea of Computer Love.
Robotnot Mixing stage One of the first songs written for Human Factor, which compares abusive relationships to being a robot.
Mystery From Space (Part 2) Keyboard sketch A short outro similar in style to Part 1 but different in structure and melody.

Kit List

Novation K-Station Synthesizer main instrument, vocoder
Cakewalk Sonar mixing, recording, sequencing, fx
Sound Forge editing, fx
Optimus MD-1200 Keyboard strings, piano, custom sounds
Fruity Loops 3 loops, programming
Unidirectional Dynamic mic vocals, sampling
Vintage Rhythm Machines analogue rhythms
GE 3-5375 Microcassette Recorder sampling
VST Plugins additional synth-sounds
various circuit-bent electronic toys noises, rhythm kits

All art, text, music is copyright (c) 2002-2004 by Joshua M. Blanc.