1. Eternal
2. State Of Decay
3. A Place We Go Called Yesterday
4. Animus
5. Sector Five
6. The Summoning
7. The Sound Of Your Ascension
8. Expander
9. Seek Illusion
10. Wire Slave
11. To Look And Crumble
12. Rain
13. Horizon Time
14. There Will Be No Dawn

Dark River, completed Xmas 2001, is an entirely different album to Metalon. It marries loop-manipulation with keyboard compositions, and more programming was used. It also has a darker, ambient feel, and most of the songs have vocoded vocals.

A story evolved out of the lyrics I was writing for it, and I decided to go full out and make it a concept album. It tells of mankind's search for a solution to the problems of a decaying future - which arrives in the form of a world-wide summons to no-man's land from an ages-old being. People from all walks of life pilgrimage to the place to wait on the shores of the Dark River which bubbles up from the depths of the earth - to find out if the creature who summoned them is indeed their saviour, or something else entirely...

Kit List

Optimus MD-1200 Keyboard main instrument
Cakewalk Pro Audio mixing, recording
Sound Forge editing, fx
Acid Pro editing
Fruity Loops 3 loops
Tuareg loops
VAZ virtual synthesizer
Guitar & Peavey Amp
Fusion Vocode vocoding
Labtec PC mic for vocals & guitar

All art, text, & music is copyright (c) 2000 - 2002 by Joshua M. Blanc.