Track Listing:

1. Darkdance
2. Overload
3. Crusader (instrumental version)
4. Machine Love
5. Format The World
6. Walpurgis Nacht

Released: Xmas 2002

The Darkdance ep is a collection of almost-complete dance songs intended for the Human Factor album, plus the track "Walpurgis Nacht" which was a deliberately retro instrumental.  These songs were made almost entirely with the Novation K-Station synth.

This is a limited edition demo CD.  Visit my mp3 download pages to download full versions of songs from this release.

Kit List

Novation K-Station Synthesizer main instrument, vocoder
Cakewalk Sonar mixing, recording, sequencing, fx
Sound Forge editing, fx
Fruity Loops 3 loops
Anlog-X SayIt computer voice
Unidirectional Dynamic mic vocals, sampling

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