Track Listing:
To be announced!

Listen to demos:
Overload (vocal demo)
Machine Love (instrumental demo)
Forsaken Woods (instrumental demo)

I have about 17 or so tracks in various stages of production, 12 of which should end up on Human Factor. This album will be heavy on synthesizer and dance beats, balanced with some atmospheric tracks. There's no story behind the album, although the main theme is human nature and its relation to machines. There are also a few tracks which don't fit the mould, such as "Heroine" about an adventuress who's come to the end of her time on Earth and goes out fighting by riding into a thunderstorm. So there will be all sorts of stuff on here.

I recently picked up the hobby of "circuit-bending" so may be sampling my efforts for a few tracks on this album. I've also been recording all sorts of sounds with a microcassette recorder for possible inclusion. As to when the album is done... well, I think next year is a safe bet. In the meantime you can hear some previews at my mp3 download sites.

Kit List

Novation K-Station Synthesizer main instrument, vocoder
Cakewalk Sonar mixing, recording, sequencing, fx
Sound Forge editing, fx
Optimus MD-1200 Keyboard strings, piano, custom sounds
Fruity Loops 3 loops
Unidirectional Dynamic mic vocals, sampling
GE 3-5375 Microcassette Recorder sampling
various circuit-bent electronic toys noises

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