1. Hostile
2. Neurons I
3. Metalon
4. City Of The Dead
5. Erased, Extinct
6. Hobgoblin
7. The Forest
8. Hunterseeker
9. No Shelter
10. Tunnels
11. Neurons II
12. The Wipeout Squad
13. Sanctuary

Completed early 2000, Metalon is my first release - an instrumental mix-fest of techno beats and synth-loops. After working primarily with MIDI files, I was introduced to loop-based composing by a friend. So, armed with some software, a sample CD, and some internet sample sources Metalon was born.

The album is a soundtrack of sorts, to a science fiction idea which runs like this: Planet Metalon holds a vast supply of pure metals, much needed by the expanding colonies of the human race. It also holds a secret. At the edge of a great and ancient forest stands a ruined city. Among the rubble, robots lay broken and scorched. One robot is found largely intact, and is reactivated. It then slaughters every human in sight, and returns to the ruins to rebuild its army of drones. Their purpose - destruction of all sentient life in the universe.

Kit List

Acid Music mixing
Sound Forge editing
Goldwave editing
Fruity Loops loops
Drumstation loops
Simsynth fx
Fusion Vocode vocoding
PC microphone for vocals

All art, text, & music is copyright (c) 2000 - 2002 by Joshua M. Blanc.