The Clockwork Man

Roughly 16 minutes of footage was shot on Sunday September 15th 2003, for a music video to accompany The Clockwork Man - a song written early this year and now almost complete. I was lucky enough to find this aweseome location in Cottonwood, British Columbia, on some land owned by friends. The previous owner left all manner of weird industrial junk lying around including these giant boiler things with electrodes on top, which have since had saplings grow up around them.

The filming was done in half an hour to 45 minutes, just as the sun was setting. I had no time to rehearse, and spent a lot of time running around with the camcorder (a an old JVC VHS-C) and tripod, setting up shots, battling uneven ground and obstacles, and perpetually forgetting to put my sunglasses back on (too dark to wear them but it's part of my costume). Still, it was great fun and I got some great images. The battery ran out just as I was getting some final shots of some power transformers.  Below are some frame-grabs from the raw footage:

The Clockwork Man (instrumental demo edit) lo-fi MP3

Video coming soon!

(c) 2003, Joshua M. Blanc