Entry 10:

I'm feeling educational today. Time for some fun with the microwave! Let's see, what can I put in there... Some fruit to start off with I think, yes - a banana. Power: high, time... five minutes. I wanna see how long it takes for this one to explode.

Woo, we've got some popping here, and it's starting to bubble. Stuff is squirting out and, yeah! There it goes! Made a nice "splip" sound. Two minutes, thirty-three seconds. It'll just take me a second to clean this out, then in goes the next test-subject.

Alrighty, a container with some gidgy leftovers in it. This should be good! Round and round and round she goes. The goo's bubbling like tar, and lots of steam's building up. I can see the lid expanding outwards. Oh no! The plastic just cracked. The goo's dribbling out all over the place, but there'll be no explosion this time.

Now I have a guaranteed show-stopper. A big steel bowl filled with crumpled aluminium foil. In ya' go. Oooh, some lovely blue spar-


*warning, people, don't try this at home, even if you are crazy*


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