Entry 5:

I was on my way to return the blue pills and get some of the pink ones when I spotted a small brown something on the sidewalk. It was an "m" from a packet of m & m's. It looked so sad and lonely down there on the scuffed concrete all by itself, so I did something about it. I smashed it into a fine paste with my boot - that put it out of its misery.

Watching the chocolate footprints I made as I walked, I looked up to see a house adorned with strings of Christmas lights. A decorated tree still stood in the living-room inside, and it's February! "Christmas is over!" I yelled. "Take your @*&!$!! lights down!" I was then quite surprised to see an old lady emerge from the house, brandishing an umbrella. I buggered off like lightning as you can imagine, and reminded myself never to yell at people who still have their Christmas lights up in February ever again.


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