I'm not the only one out there taking pictures of weird s**t, as these photos prove. If you've taken any weirdshots you'd like to send in, send 'em here, with your name & location.

A brutal warning sign sent in by Stevie K. Farnaby, North England.
This rather suggestive mural was photographed in Salmon Arm, B.C., Canada, by Cici. Would you buy meat from this guy?
No less than five cop cars parked outside Robins Donuts, Merritt, B.C., Canada. Submitted by Cici.
A close-up of the above, also by Cici.
Sent in by Cici.
Deep... penetrating... just which muscle is this stuff for? Sent in by Cici.
How embarassing... Sent in by Cici.
A play about menopause - oh joy... Photo by Mike.
That's the thinnest ice I've ever seen! Sent in by Cici.
Piso? I'm not so sure that's water on this floor... And why are the warnings written in English and Spanish, instead of English and French as they should be in Canada? Sent in by Cici.
The plot thickens - these three appear to be conspiring together... Sent in by Cici.

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