A not safe for work Promo Video to The Thought Criminals - No Love Song. We have been a lazy pair of fuckers for a while but intend to release new Music in early 2021. This whole Pandemic has given us a kick up the arse. Anyway the Video was shot in Soho, London in Zero One Studios and shot round the streets of Soho. Soho was once home to many Sleezy Bars and Sex Shops. And filthy basement Bars like Gossips and clubs like Madam JoJos and alternative Pubs like The Interepid Fox all gone now. Was a great place where we would go many times. So yes the Video is Electronic Filth and no one is being exploited. You can buy NO LOVE SONG or the Album its on The Thought Criminals You’re A Moral Liabilty ! From the links below or listen on Spotify e.t.c

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