So the fun begins !

It’s been a little while since us Thought Criminals released our last Single. So look forward to releasing Dirty Electro EP on Monday 31st October 2016. We have pretty much recorded a full Album, but are currently adding more production to some of the tracks. So lots going on in Room 101. The Dirty Electro LTD 12″ Blue Transparent Vinyl’s been shipped to the US, Promo CD’s & MP3’s are going out . We’ve spoken to a Video Director to get a Promo Video done to Dirty Electro in a Hurry.  We’re still in that place musically where we can’t Pigeon Hole ourselves ! We have always found it easier to get Radio Play in the US & Canada than the UK. We will be bombarding all those lovely Stations and DJ’s who have played us in the past next week. On other notes we will be getting round to adding a Compilation section to our Discography

P.S If you are A DJ / Radio Station or Mixcloud Show Host and would love a Promo please contact us here !