Website Updates

We’ve just added a live section, along our way we have forgotten the dates of two Shows in 2010 in London and when we played Malmo in Sweden. Maybe as I typed it with the current Flu going round the UK. Or it could be I’m just as not as fast and articulate as when we started the The Thought Criminals. In coming weeks we will do the Artwork and a Photoshoot for the New Album.  We will be playing Live again this year around the Album Launch.   And somehow whack out two Promo Videos.  So hopefully a Gallery will appear and a Event Page will appear in coming Months. We will be digging out and scanning some old Flyers from some of our personal favorite past performances.   We stupidly did not back up Photos in the past, we we’re having to much of a laugh and got to travel a bit and sample the delights of many Bars and Clubs and Venues and get barred from places. As a DIY Band who picked up a deal from a label listening to us on the good old Myspace we did pretty well. Now we need to up our Game and have someone manage us as we are still so incapable.