The Thought Criminals - Die Young : Stay Pretty on sale now at Bandcamp !

Within two weeks of meeting each other Rocky Goode and Kirlian Blue formed The Thought Criminals. And a year later had recorded most of a the Album Die Young : Stay Pretty. In 2007 they put out the Singles Suicide Bomber and I Wanna Be A Celebrity which grew them a fan base. They essentially we’re a DIY Band who had booked their own Shows which led to Headline Shows at several London University’s, The Mass Brixton, 333 Club, The Underworld Camden. They even had Sean Burke from Tubeway Army sing live on Suicide Bomber at one show.  WTII Records found The Thought Criminals on MySpace (Back when it was a large Social Media Platform) and the album came out in 2008 with some bonus Remixes. Notable songs include Electricity, Date Rape Lovers, AK-47, Cyberslut.