The Thought Criminals - You’re A Moral Liability ! Albums finished !

The Thought Criminals second and long awaited Album You’re A Moral Liability ! is complete and has been sent of to WTII Records.  We sent 14 songs some of you Criminals may of heard before such as tracks of the Singles/EP’s No Love Song and Dirty Electro. Some tracks have never been released and some have only appeared on Compilations, check our Discogs Page !   Its been a long wait but we started releasing again back in 2016 after a long break.

The album is the follow up to the The Thought Criminals debut album Die Young: Stay Pretty (2008 WTII Records) and first in nearly 9 years.   It’s Tongue in Cheek but more serious in places than the first Album.   Rocky Goode and Kirlian Blue are back to shock and humor again Genre wise you could label it Electropunk but with deviations as Industrial, Grime, Alternative Dance, Electropop, EBM, Indie Electro.

Musically influenced by Tubeway Army, The Prodigy, John Foxx, Covenant, Front 242, Gary Numan, Nitzer Ebb, The Sex Pistols this album goes everywhere.  The album is based on real life experiences and semi factual Characters who don’t follow Society’s traditional Paths.

The Album’s title comes from a Magistrates View on Rocky Goode over a Driving Offense which is incorporated into the song Moral Liability.  Songs like Underworld reflect Rocky becoming a Father and moving to the Countryside.  Depression is about Kirlian’s battle with Panic Disorder and Clinical Depression, the track is twisted and dark at the same time.  Reality is about the 2009 Recession/ Credit Crunch and the hypocrisy of British Politicians Left and Right who caused it.      Dirty Electro is about making music and sounds in a basement. And briefly about Rocky’s Custom Vauxhall Carlton which became a Monster Truck.  I’m A Cliché Is a real hysterical dig at Mainstream Life and Culture.  It also pays homage to The Thought Criminals routes.

The Thought Criminals brought in Tony Messenger and Rob Henry again to polish their sound  and Produce the Album.  And brought in the Remixer Ed Strazdaz to remix three songs for the Album itself.  The Album has spawned two Singles so far Dirty Electro (WTII Records, 2016) which got a lot of Radio Play and No Love Song (WTII Records, 2017) and gained them placements on another six Compilation Albums.

the thought criminals you're a moral liability
The Thought Criminals - You’re a Moral liability!