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Aren't these cool???
And here's another :)
These are the kind they deploy in Wal-Mart. I reckon they're the coolest of the lot.
I was told off for taking this photo... the store it was in, unbeknownst to me, had a "no-camera" policy, advertised by a tiny sign on the bottom of the front door :/ Ah, but it was worth it!
Buckets and buckets of whey! And it's on sale!
What about the spines?
Welcome to Quesnel City Hall!
So you can get clean while they put out your burning house.
Egads. These are about the weirdest simpsons-merchandise I've seen. If you look closely you can also see a jelly Scooby Doo head in the back.
And while you're suckin' on your jelly Homer, why not buy some seasoning to spice up even the most annoying person you know.
Why buy ice when you can help yourself to that pile of it behind the store? Okay, so it's fulla rocks n' stuff... but who's gonna notice if they're getting drunk?
What sidewalk? Somewhere under this mountain of dirty ice there is one.
"Only" follows the word "Employees" on this sign, but it's covered up by another sign when you enter the store.
What kind of weird chemical process turns juice into plastic?
Plastic that keeps ya regular.
I'm sorry sir, we don't sell forklifts in the store. Positively.
Cello Party Nuts, huh?
How clean is your pine tree?
They're wanted for various crimes. If you see em anywhere in this store report them at once!
Sorry about the quality of this one... I was in a moving vehicle at the time.
Won't someone sit with me? Are you too proud to help a bottle that's down on its luck?
Someone's idea of entertainment round here - tossing paving stones onto the ice in the river.
Even something as nasty as a storm-drain outlet can be a thing of beauty in the winter months.
And the ice that spews forth from their majestic maws comes in a variety of colours.
I'm not sure I want to know what's coming out of this one.

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