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By jingo, it's a smoking Squirrel... okay, that's really a pine cone in it's mouth but you get the idea ;)
Stop! I mean, go! Um...
Shopping carts turn up in the darndest places... this one's been lurking in the bushes not far from my house for months now.
Rolls of carpet also turn up in the darndest places.
It's supposed to say "Auto Clock Set." The salesman was most puzzled when I inquired about this feature!
Yes, like the Manual Automatic Door before it, this is an Automatic Caution Door.
Okay, Prince George is a city that's moving with the times. The malls there have toilets with automatic flush and everything. Suddenly, droves of these blue things started turning up on the sidewalks. They match the colour of the new streetlamps, but as to their purpose your guess is as good as mine.
Another shot of these blue things to show the matching streetlamps.
This dog toy was unearthed in an iris patch. Some of those roots are growing right through it. Ewww.
This is a lifeless twig with a root growing straight through it.
Yes, get rid of your old furniture, and get yourself some sleek and sassy dynamic furniture!
What... just what... where they thinking when they named this hair salon?
This is a copy of Chateline magazine, but it was arranged in the rack in such a way that we get "hateline" instead. And just look at the expression on the woman's face. Someone's in for a whoopin'.
This is what happens when warm weather follows cold and there's snow on the roof.
Here it is from another angle.
Yessir, get your cat a can of leech moustaches...
What is it with signs around here missing their first letter? (there's supposed to be an R).
Sadly, pet bottles didn't fare quite as well as the lovable pet rock.
A fairly straightforward sign, unless you're like me and you read it like this: "Public Access No ...Please Dogs."
I guess a dog's been playing with this stuffed rabbit, but imagine for a moment that all those prints in the snow were created when it magically took on a life of its own and hopped around the yard and fell exhausted onto its face.
This is the cover of the official scrabble rules included with the game. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think "Kat" and "Pe" are to be found in any Scrabble dictionary.
You do? Then you really do need your eyes checked. This sign was in an eye specialist's window.
Just like those bananas named Chiquita, this lime is named Susie.
A well parked vehicle if there ever was one.
Doesn't sound like much of a deal to me...

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