You’re A Moral Liability ! The long awaited 2nd Album and Compilation Albums we feature on.

The Track-listing for our long awaited second Album is going to be something like this:  You’re A Moral Liability !I’m A Cliche, All The Freaks, No Love Song, Pay Her To Lay Her, Underworld, Dirty Filthy Sex Music, Eat Me On The Dancefloor, Watching You, Depression, Dirty Electro, Reality, We Are So Fragile (Tubeway Army Cover).   We will be doing live appearances when its released and will updated you with a estimated release date.  Artwork is in the idea process, but will post it up once track-listing has been agreed with WTII Records.   Do intend to do another Single  before the Album release date.

2018 Compilation List 

Sounds From The Asylum 2 CD  Digipack Album (Snide Records, UK) Features Depression. Buy Now from Amazon

Electricity Volume 4 Digital Compilation (Ninthwave Records, USA ) Features No Love Song. (Release Date To Be Confirmed)

Electronic Saviors Volume 5  6 CD Box-set (Distortion Productions, USA / Metropolis Records, USA) Features Reality.  Pre Order from Distortion Productions