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The world is a weird place - and I've got the photographic evidence! Whenever I see something strange, weird, or just plain silly, it goes here. All links will open in a new window.

Two "smurf" dolls tied to tree trunks.
Despite an uncanny resemblance to a shrunken head, this is a mouse slipper impaled on a branch.
A car buried deep under Canadian snow!
A van buried deep under Canadian snow!
A table buried deep under Canadian snow!
A really big fishing rod.
A large icicle knocked down from its place on the eaves.
The same icicle from a different, sexier angle ;)
How does the water get out?
Hungry?  How 'bout some "izza" ?
A serious sign for a serious business.
Beware the dangerous weeds!
Better not dump any garbage here. We're trying to keep the city dump garbage free.
A close-up of a large cottonwood with stones embedded in the roots.
Another cottonwood, this one having survived a vicious beaver attack :)
Another tree along the same stretch of river, with a cable embedded in it.
A congealed mound of old wood-chips, oozing black muck.
A closer look at the black muck - eewwwww!
A week after I took this photo someone scraped the stickers off!
"Puff," the not-so-magic excavator.
A bloke who's burned every year on a bonfire. The fellow providing perspective is my brother.
Your guess is as good as mine...
It's hard to believe anyone is this stupid...
But I guess they must be if these signs needed to be made.
A wacky little fire exit sign.

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