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Well isn't that something.
Yes, when you're done dining at Izza Hut (see page 1) come on down to Ity Furniture!
A little trick photography makes the giant revolving KFC bucket look like a regular one abandoned on a bank. Well, sort of.
Yeah, don't cut this box with a kni... whatever that may be.
Another one of Canada's famous wacky ice-formations.
Enjoy this park... but don't be surprised if you get stabbed by a ninja or something.
And while you're enjoying this park, take refuge from the rain beneath this rather wet shelter.
That's some serious sh*t.
Yet another one of life's cast offs, a poor washed up volleyball on the riverbank.
Triple X flour, and it's self-raising too...
Who needs to carve a Jack-O-Lantern when freaks like this occur naturally?
This jolly X-mas Daffy doll was found abandoned in the ruins of a loading-bay, missing an arm and reduced to the status of a bum.
Don't maximize this one if you're squeamish... this poor doll was handed over to the forensics squad shortly after its discovery.
Taken out of context, the labelling of this box is a tad disturbing.
Here's the rest of the box, revealing the true nature of it's contents.
Uh-huh... This was found in an abandoned warehouse-type-dealie.
So was this amusing caricature.
And this contradictory bit of graffiti.
I tell ya things never cease to amaze me... this was actually floating this way up!
It's a little hard to tell from this photo, but this conglomeration of garbage bags and a shopping cart was rolled over a bank and there it stays.
Hey, it's a cardboard box. In a tree. Lookit that.
After years of searching, I finally found where the Ninja Turtles live!!!
Yessir, this here's wunna them manual automatic doors.
This is an actual sign composed by the fine people at A&W;, a burger chain, who have burgers named after members of the family.
By jingo, it's a smoking Squirrel... okay, that's really a pine cone in it's mouth but you get the idea ;)

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